Saturday, March 22, 2008


So after I finished the Cable Vest for my nephew I was on a roll,. I really had the knitting bug and no urgent project that needed to be finished. But I did have a nice new pattern book that had a gorgeous poncho in it and all the yarn I needed...for once I would be knitting it for me! So cast it on and spent a whole day on it and managed to finish almost a whole chart of the cable section....I was pretty happy, I felt like I was improving as a knitter....untl I saw the mistakes...and they were so obvious and really really hard to ignore...I tried. I even kept knitting a few rows but it was just BUGGING me. So I frogged it (frogging being ripping back all the rows til you get back to the point you want to be at). I was not very happy. It spoilt my knitting obsession. Until a couple of nights ago when I decided to cast on for Spencer gloves, also a knit for me! I did a gauge swatch and everything! Spent all day yesterday on it! Til around 11:30 at night when I realised that some where along the line I'd swapped one of my 3.25mm needles for one that was 3mm. Completely ruining the gauge. I felt like crying as my bf and I slowly frogged the ENTIRE thing! There are no pictures. I refuse to have to photograph that sad event.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Finished Project No: 1 Cabled Vest

I finally finished my first project for the year! and I managed it in record time as I completed it (with help picking up stitches from my friend!) In a few weeks! The cabled vest was a 1st birthday present to my gorgeous nephew. I got the pattern from Debbie Bliss' Baby knit book. Now the photos:

The top pic shows the colour of the vest much more clearly. The one on the left shows it from the front in all it's unblocked glory. Considering I only finished this an hour and a half before having to hand it over, they should be happy that the ends have been woven away!!! This involved a mammoth panic session of "how to seam the sides together" which involved a massive search of the net ending where I probably should of started at knitty. The pic below is it from behind.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Leap day

So you know that this y3ear there was a 29th of February, but do you know the traditions associated with it? According to english rule (and google) this is the one day a year that a woman can ask a man to marry her. The rule further states that if he says no he must buy her a present so as to help soften the blow of the rejection (I'm sure women really argued against that one! lol) I am not one to let a good rule go to waste, hence my coming into posession of this:

Yes that's right, I went down on one knee and professed my love to my bf in the middle of borders!! I do believe the phrase he used was "All right! shut up, I'll buy you the damn book!!" hehe! I suppose I shouldn't of stated the proposal with "damn I can't afford the book, I KNOW!"
Now the purpose of buying Alice in Wonderland, is two fold:
a) I'm a bookaholic, I absolutely love books as well as really beautiful editions of them. I absolutely love reading them, nothing beats them, not even the lot cheaper ebooks.
b) I'm part of the ravelry group that has a KAL and read along of 19th century books. We are starting with Alice. I need my own copy for reason a) I'm starting to think with my yarn and book addiction that this might not be the best group to be in to save money (as you have to knit something that is inspired by the book)