Friday, February 08, 2008

As Andrea Commands!

Wow, my third post, and this one commanded by Andrea who's kicking my ass into gear! I still have no pictures of WIPs etc to put up as my photography skills suck very badly, I'll keep perservering though!

Lots of news though! I have finally become a home owner! yay!! which now means i'm massively in debt :-/ still to have a whole house to store assorted yarns, sewing projects, books, computers and gaming accesories is pretty exciting! Probably wasn't a good idea to go on that little spending spree at LYS, which is sadly closing down, but which is unsadly selling their yarn at half price! Thankfully I have an absolutely wondeful boyfriend who waited outside the store for it to open on sale day and preceded to grab for me almost their entire stock of Kidsilk Haze! He also got me some Jo Sharp Cotton because he thought it felt soft and that I'd like it, Do I not have the sweetest boyfriend of all time? Thankfully he's helping me pay for this little spending spree or I'd be sitting under my desk hyperventilating at the moment!

On a slightly more nerdy bent I saw King of Kong: A Handful of Quarters the other night. This is a documentary chronicling to champions of the arcade game, one who's had the highest score for years, and one who's just beaten him. Even my boyfriend (who I must say isn't really a gamer) enjoyed the film. Anyone who's seen the film will agree that Steve Wiebe rocks and I doubt I'd have been as nice and polite to people if I'd been treated the way he does in the documentary. I know, I know the film was probably a bit biased, but hell there is so much biasing that can be done without the people involved actually being that nasty. Still it's great seeing him get the credit he deserves and the film definately lets people out there know about his fight :) It would be awesome if he wrote a strategy book on Donkey Kong!!

For the yarn fanatics I will try to take half decent pics of the new additions to my yarn stash tonight :)


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