Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Knitting day

Last Saturday was knitting day at Andrea's (the one who commanded the last post :) I love knitting days there cos she kicks my ass into gear and I actually get knitting done! Not only did she help get past my (imaginary) problems with my cable blanket, but she also got me started on a lace shawl from Victorian Lace Today AND she took photos of the yarn I got from that magnificent sale like these six balls of Kidsilk Haze

And these:

And finally these:

Both lots of Kidsilk haze will be used to make lace shawls and the Jo Sharp Cotton will be used to make the Channel-is coat in the Knit cafe book.

I also learnt that even though a sock pattern doesn't tell you to shift stitches around the dpns before using kitchener's stitch to sew it together doesn't mean that that isn't what you were supposed to do....basically i sewed up the toes the wrong way, as Andrea said "Toes don't go that way" well at least I've finished my first sock!


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