Saturday, March 22, 2008


So after I finished the Cable Vest for my nephew I was on a roll,. I really had the knitting bug and no urgent project that needed to be finished. But I did have a nice new pattern book that had a gorgeous poncho in it and all the yarn I needed...for once I would be knitting it for me! So cast it on and spent a whole day on it and managed to finish almost a whole chart of the cable section....I was pretty happy, I felt like I was improving as a knitter....untl I saw the mistakes...and they were so obvious and really really hard to ignore...I tried. I even kept knitting a few rows but it was just BUGGING me. So I frogged it (frogging being ripping back all the rows til you get back to the point you want to be at). I was not very happy. It spoilt my knitting obsession. Until a couple of nights ago when I decided to cast on for Spencer gloves, also a knit for me! I did a gauge swatch and everything! Spent all day yesterday on it! Til around 11:30 at night when I realised that some where along the line I'd swapped one of my 3.25mm needles for one that was 3mm. Completely ruining the gauge. I felt like crying as my bf and I slowly frogged the ENTIRE thing! There are no pictures. I refuse to have to photograph that sad event.


  • My darling pet, I am so so SO sorry to hear this take of woe. I blame the cats - had I been available, this never would have happened!

    By Blogger Andrea, at 25 March, 2008 22:30  

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