Saturday, April 05, 2008

2007 Trip #1 - Lima

Last year I went on a trip that toured around Peru, Bolivia and L.A. in the U.S.A. I figure it is worthy of a few blog posts at least!! (Considering I have trouble thinking up blog posts and am too much of a slack arse to take pics of my projects, this will have to do!!!)

After a very, very long plane route, we arrived in Lima at midnight, where we promptly went out and searched for the nearest Macca's. Maybe not our brightest idea ever. By the way, Macca's became our fall back meal wherever we went, and funnily enough it tasted better in Peru than it did in the U.S.A. Go figure.

We only spent a few days there but it was long enough to find all the shopping centres! This was taken from one of the cliffside malls:

This is one of my favourite shots, I wish all my pics had come out like this! The architecture in Lima was so amazing and covered so many different time periods. It becomes even more varied the further into the country you go.

On the second day we went to the older part of time where I went even more nuts over the buildings. They were just beautiful! The pic on the left has balconies that remind me a lot of the

traditional ones found in Malta. I ended up taking a few pics of them (I think people thought I was a little mad, lol!) I'll try to limit myself to only the one!

On the right is a picture of one of the statues circling the fountain the the centre of the square. I really don't want to know what the lion is doing to the dragon.

This final one really wanted to make me learn more about photograpy. I could honestly see the photo I wanted to take, the scenery was so beautiful. I think I got close enough. This building really brought home to me the history of the city, I could imagine the people who would of lived and worked here, their clothing, to sort of traffic that would of been seen on the street below.


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