Sunday, October 05, 2008

2007 Trip #2 - Amazon

On the next part of this trip we headed for the Amazon...I still can't believe I've been there! It was so immense and it's still hard to imagine a river so big!

Our lodge was further up the river, we had to take a boat up to it which took a couple of hours...amazing trip! We got to see lots of little villages which looked pretty much the way I imagined it.

Things were a lot bigger in the Amazon, like this is a termites nest:

And here's a tree:

The tree looked a lot bigger in real life...

Now for a really fricken scary tree you can't go past this one:

It looked like a weird spidery crab tree. Spooky.

Edit: formatting and spelling cos it was late and I was slack and didn't check it before posting!


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